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How Do You Know If Something Is Real — Part 2

I wrote “How Do You Know If Something Is Real – Part 1” back in March with a lot of detail and I am taking another swing at the topic with simpler examples to see if I can make alternate … Continue reading

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My Conversation with one of Mark Zuckerberg’s Chatbots

Facebook now has chatbots pretending to be Marketing Executives. I was writing a letter at 3 am this morning and my Messenger App opened up with a cheery greeting from Karen Smith.  She sent me an image to open the … Continue reading

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What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Five

The fact that we have always chosen amnesia when starting a new human experience suggests that there may be a good reason not to arrive fully cognizant of our previous life. On the other hand, the fact that we uncovered … Continue reading

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Finding A Point Of Agreement With Others

After years of work on the outer fringes of the spiritual experience, I find myself spiraling back to find a common ground with friends and family who could use what we have learned if only we could find some common … Continue reading

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