Another Conversation With A Facebook Chatbot

We have now entered the era of Facebook Robocalls. Mark Zuckerburg’s elves are busy developing AI systems to sell you things. A recent call is designed to entice you into securing a loan with a finance company. The robocall starts with a friend request from a human-type person with a home location and a job title at Facebook and rapidly evolves into a mechanical sales pitch.

I asked if the caller was a chatbot and immediately revealed the true nature of the call. I then probed to see what questions the chatbot could handle and discovered a new feature in this chatbot. A human agent was brought in when the chatbot got responses it could not handle, like my request for job opportunities writing chatbots at Facebook.

Here is the record of our conversation:

Notice that the comment, “Where are you from?” is from a live agent, not a chatbot response.

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