Creating A Better Life For Yourself

There is a concept called an “Ideal Scene” which is basically a description of a desired reality you wish to create or achieve. It can be considered a blueprint for what you wish to achieve in your life, but it is actually far more than that.

It is a tool for organizing your intentions and aligning them to create the future you want, but it is also a powerful diagnostic device that can reveal the reasons you have not succeeded in the past.

There are many different techniques for envisioning an ideal scene and you can find them by entering the term “ideal scene” in almost any search engine because the Internet is full of successful ways to create an ideal scene. Finding these techniques is far easier then using them successfully, and this is where the diagnostic factor comes in.

Let me illustrate with an all too typical example:

You look up a description on how to create an ideal scene and it not only seems reasonable, you can easily see how you can use it to make changes in your life. In most cases, you will print out the description and read it over and set it aside until after supper or until you have time to work on it.

When a week has gone by with no progress on creating an ideal scene, you force yourself to read the description again and start writing. When you fail to make progress, you may pull in a coach to help you with this important task. After he gives you a pep talk, you start again and stall after an hour or two of serious effort. You will find that you have difficulty concentrating, and keep getting up to handle emergencies and phone calls and all manner of distractions.

After another week, you have a half page of notes and none of them inspire you to take action. Without realizing it, you have triggered the most common reason for being stuck in a no-win situation on life. You know you are in trouble and you are trying to do something about it, but there are unseen barriers to your breaking through and creating a better life for yourself.

We have learned to deal with these unseen barriers by using Spiritual Rescue Technology as the barriers are non-physical phenomena and we teach our students to observe this phenomena.

If one cannot perceive non-physical events, that person is barred from inspecting them. There is an element of willingness involved in perceiving non-physical events and phenomena, because if you are not willing to experience something, you can easily block yourself from experiencing it. Even if you are willing, there is a learning curve to perceiving non-physical phenomena and understanding what you have perceived.

No equipment is required for this perception, All of the equipment currently available is merely measuring your body’s response to non-physical phenomena and does not measure the phenomena itself.

The phenomena that is preventing you from creating an ideal scene when you actually desire and need to do this, is counter-intention. The description is quite simple, but the mechanism is more complex.

You intend to accomplish something or do something, and there is a counter-intention that blocks or overpowers your intention. If you are really determined, you can persevere and increase your determination until your intention prevails over the counter-intention. You can even accomplish this without learning the source of the counter-intention.

You have succeeded in this instance, but you have not dealt with the actual source of counter-intention and it can return at any time in the future. If you wish to learn how to handle counter-intentions in your environment, I suggest you read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology which are available on

The reason I mention the diagnostic capability of creating an ideal scene, is that this seemingly simple process flushes out all kinds of counter-intention, which when handled, will increase your ability to get things done without effort.

The trap that most people find themselves in, is that they want a better future and they struggle to achieve it without writing down an ideal scene. They find themselves in an intimate relationship without having created an ideal scene for the relationship, As a result, the relationship encounters one obstacle after another for lack of an ideal scene.

Another example is a person seeking a job without working out an ideal scene for employment. He goes in for an interview and answers all sorts of questions without asking any of his own. Too often, he finds himself in a situation that he could have avoided by having an ideal scene to compare the actual scene to.

When you work out an ideal scene, you are describing something that will improve your life and bring you good health and happiness. When you refuse to do the work needed to create an ideal scene for yourself, you are condemning yourself to an existence determined by others. These others may be well-intentioned, but their ideas are not necessarily aligned with yours.

More importantly, if you are not now enjoying an ideal scene, working out what yours should be will show you what you have to do to move toward an ideal scene and a higher level of survival.

Changing your life for the better starts with writing up and working on an ideal scene.

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