Talking To Spirits Changes Your Perception Of The Spiritual Universe

As you become accustomed to reaching out to your spiritual companions for advice and information, they become more willing to originate concepts and ideas and share them with you. This flow of unsolicited information increases your awareness of beings and their conditions.

You get used to thinking idly about something and getting a cascade of thoughts in response. If you practice spiritual discipline, you are able to manage this thought flow without being overwhelmed or resisting it.

Mind Waves

In essence, you can become the conductor of a powerful orchestra of idea generators and create spectacular symphonies with ease. In order to do this consistently, you must understand what spirits desire and how to motivate them. You also need to be able to create a clear intention of what you intend to accomplish and be able to motivate spirits to assist you in that endeavor.

Spirits desire a certain level of activity and if you can provide a means for them to participate, you will reap the benefits of their assistance. This article is being generated with the help of beings I have been working with for some years and in some cases mere months. I prompted them to start in one direction and as we progressed and found an image to illustrate what we wanted to convey, our direction changed slightly and became more inclusive of how we were generating this article as a group.

When we look at ourselves as a group of spirits, we see ourselves as distinct from the larger group of spirits in this vicinity even though our locations are dispersed throughout other groups of spirits. It is as though we had “badges” identifying us from other groups of spirits who are occupied with other activities. We are the group that is creating this article and our membership changes with the topics of the articles we are working on.

This is one of the most profound changes from the normal human perception of a personality. When we are engaged in a creative activity, we act as one super capable being and we are aware of all group members acting in harmony. We can go from intention to result in a flash with no effort at all. In writing mode, this is quite evident, as we can have a thought, modify it and type it immediately with no strain or hesitation. The other parts of our personality are in a state of reserve. We are aware of the parts that are concerned with today’s schedule and the need to generate income, but they are calmly standing by until we complete this performance.

When we reach a point where we deem the performance of writing is complete or at a rest point, Some fade away and other spirits assemble to carry out their chosen activities. Thee is usually a core group that acts as the conductor of the overall activity that participates in every activity no matter what it is. We do not feel that there is any activity at this point that is performed by one spirit acting alone. We have the feeling that many of our talents are added by accretion and not by simple evolution.

When we find an activity like writing, that is stimulating and challenging, we attract any spirits who resonate with our activity. Some researchers feel this is a matter of frequency but what we experience is a complex arrangement of ideas and emotions that create a resonance in those who have done something similar or have wished for something similar.

When a spirit wishes for something they have not yet experienced, they create an n-dimensional image complete with sound and emotions. Kindred spirits will pick up on this creation and reach out to the being generating the image, either to join it or attack it depending on the response the image generates for them. This activity has been going on for trillions of years and all sorts of religions and practices have been developed to encourage or control the reactions to this activity.

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