You Need All The Spiritual Help You Can Get

We are experiencing an international display of insanity and it may last well into 2024. We see an upsurge in crime and corruption in America, wars on other continents, and are facing a bleaker economic forecast than we have seen in decades. Layoffs in major corporations are continuing like cracks in a massive dam and it is only a matter of time before we are seeing a loss of confidence in the government that will affect our future for many years.

You will need all of the spiritual support you can round up just to survive these next two years and not become the effect of the insanity that surrounds you. It is easy to become fixated on the bad news and the media that is spreading it to gain attention, but your survival will depend on your ability to remain calm and your ability to calm those around you.

These are the times when we have to do everything possible to keep our spirits up and quell the fears that paralyze us and make us feel helpless in the face of looming disasters. It is times like these that stir up our past life memories and dredge up fearful images of ruin and disasters which make it extremely difficult to concentrate on real solutions to our immediate and future needs.

Spiritual counseling will help if it addresses the issues that are crippling your ability to survive and develop solutions. Those of you who practice meditation can use it to determine solutions that are helpful and avoid angry reactions to conditions you are not responsible for.

Those of you who have some idea of your immortality should acquaint yourself with your spirit guides and work with them to determine ways to exchange services with others and keep yourself and your family fed and sheltered. This is not a time to be alone. Find ways to support others and form groups for mutual support. If you do not believe in spirits, at least recognize that positive energy is the way to survive and avoid dwelling on and spreading negative energy.

For those who have read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology, there is much more you can do to insure your sanity and family survival by working with the spirits who accompany you through life. I have been teaching and using these principles for the past 13 years and you can learn to do them by reading my books and articles and contacting me for personal counseling. Many people have managed to achieve the following stages of awareness simply by reading the material I have written and posted on the Internet.

These are the major stages in SRT spiritual awareness.

Stage 1 Become aware of spirits

Stage 2 Perceive their intentions

Stage 3 Communicate to them

Stage 4 Recognize they can help us

Stage 5 Listen to what they have to say 

Stage 6 Have regular conversations with them

Stage 7 Help them when they need it

Stage 8 Rely on them for assistance 

Stage 9 Recruit them as needed for daily tasks

Stage 10 Explore the spiritual realm with their assistance

Stage 11 Promote the cause of disembodied spirits as friendly allies in life

Stage 12 Use your spiritual team to reach out and engage with spirits elsewhere

When you are doing this, you will discover what amazing abilities spirits can bring to the table. You will find you can accomplish miracles when you have spirits helping you with everyday tasks.

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