Do You Think You Have Hidden Abilities?

Most of my clients discover that they have more abilities than they ever realized once they discover their full spiritual potential. How does this work? You probably think that those negative thoughts that surface when you try to do something new are your thoughts. Most people do.

Negative Energies From Your Spiritual Companions

This negative energy you feel can come from your memories but also comes from the spiritual beings who surround you and influence you every day. You attract them by your actions and intentions, so if you are the kind of person who seems to hold on to grudges, you are attracting beings who are itching for a fight and they will keep you enraged until you do something to attack the source of your unhappiness.

If you are a normally happy person and someone attacks you unfairly, you may be able to observe that the person is not in good shape mentally and shrug the incident off. If so, you will recover your cheerful disposition in short order. Your spiritual companions are attracted to you because of your happy disposition and positive attitude and they act to support you in your daily activities.

Yes, we are surrounded by disembodied spirits, but we can do a lot to manage them instead of being managed by them. Most of you are aware of positive and negative energies from the people around you. If you calm yourself with meditation, you will also become aware of positive and negative energies in the space around you. Those positive and negative energies are the life forces of the spirits who surround you and they are a result of the experiences that these beings have endured.

Beings are immortal and they have human experiences every 60 to 100 years if all goes well. In times of war and social collapse, beings can have much shorter and more brutal lifetimes and the memories of these terrifying lifetimes stay with them forever. Anyone who has done past life regression or modern spiritual counseling has experienced scenes from past lives with all of the turmoil and violence you can imagine. This will give a person a new certainty that they are not their bodies but immortal beings with very long lifetimes. After a short exposure to past life memories, a person begins to realize that their current lives are influenced by their past lives. If a person died in a building fire in the past, they will have a great fear of building fires this lifetime. Almost any serious past life injury leaves memories that are awoken when a person runs into the same situation this lifetime.

If a person failed in a business and was ruined financially and committed suicide as some did in 1929 at the beginning of the great depression, they may be extremely nervous doing business today and will resist starting a new venture even if circumstances are excellent. A similar thing can happen when a failed past life marriage leaves an indelible mark on a person’s memory. They may have endured ridicule and humiliation and if they took their life back then, this can seriously affect their ability to form stable relationships today even hundreds of years later.

Sometimes the trauma is so great that a spirit decides not to pick up a body again and they become one of the many disembodied spirits who spend their eternity observing other people and trying to control them or protect them. You may have a dead grandparent, for example, who is still watching over you and chastising you for your reckless behavior. You would be surprised to see how many people have dead relatives watching after them.

So, what does this have to do with your hidden abilities?

If you have spirits caring for you and protecting you and nagging you about your activities, are you using your abilities in the best possible way? Probably not. Most people are unaware of their spiritual companions or are fighting them in some way.

In my years of spiritual counseling, I have rarely found situations where a person was operating in harmony with the spirits surrounding them. In those rare cases, the person was outstanding in several ways with abilities that were extraordinary. They are also very spiritual in nature, being aware of the kinship of all living things and compassionate of other people’s failings. When you encounter such a person, you are aware of the calmness of their presence and that is because they are operating in harmony with their spiritual companions and spirit guides.

Most of us are just doing the best we can and are struggling to overcome our doubts, fears, and occasional incidents of irrational behavior. I was like that until I discovered the effects that spirits have upon us and finally got in communication with them and started working with them instead of fighting them.

If you decide to make friends with your spiritual companions and learn how to work with them as partners and teammates, your ability to do things will increase beyond anything you have ever experienced before. Whatever creative activity you can imagine will be enhanced by the contributions of your spiritual companions. I have found this to be true in every activity I have engaged in from computer design to corporate management, establishing small companies, writing books, and spiritual counseling. Life is much richer and more satisfying when you are doing things in the company of friends.

I have written several books on the subject and created a worldwide counseling practice to help able people become more able. Fortunately, the technology I developed can be easily learned and put to use by almost any bright individual without my assistance. It is called Spiritual Rescue Technology and the information is easily available on the Internet.

There is a discussion group using this technology and you are welcome to join this group and share your experiences. There is much more to be learned and people are contributing new discoveries every week. Join these people and unlock your hidden abilities. You won’t regret it.

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