Some Cautions About Mind-Expanding Drugs

If you were merely a single spirit animating a body, taking mind-expanding drugs would only unlock your buried past-life memories and heighten your awareness of other spirits. Other than the enhancement of many painful and exciting memories, you would probably return to normal when the drugs wore off.

Since you are the possessor of many spiritual companions, any mind-expanding drug use can have catastrophic results. Many of your disembodied spiritual companions died in rituals involving drugs which is why they can no longer animate bodies of their own and spend their time attached to you and monitoring your activities as spectators.

Most of you have some awareness of spirits as thoughts that pop into your mind and provide helpful or annoying advice when you least expect it. Many of you have managed to get through life by ignoring these voices in your head and carrying on as best as you can.

If you are tempted to explore the world of mind-expanding drugs, you will probably find yourself barraged with brilliant images and fantastic ideas that you will not be able to shut off without some difficulty. Since these images and ideas are not yours, you may be temporarily fascinated by their novelty. However, the intensity of these images and ideas will make it difficult to operate in your usual fashion and will definitely affect your ability to work and interact with the members of your family.

If the intensity of your hallucinations is great enough, you may experience a psychotic break and this can affect you permanently. Using any drugs to enhance your spiritual research is far more dangerous than you might believe as your past-life memories contain incidents that can be quite overwhelming if you recall them while under the influence of drugs.

If you want to explore the spiritual realms and really get to know your spiritual companions and what they can do, start with meditation and read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology to learn how you can get in communication with spirits on your own in a safe and comfortable way. There are many ways to explore your spiritual abilities without drugs and the greatest benefit is that you will be in control of the process at every step of the way.

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