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Is this a preview of the climate change to come?

Our family has been so preoccupied with the insanity of the global warmists that we have not taken a good look at the oncoming threat of 20 years of global cooling until very recently. The latest series of snow storms … Continue reading

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Early morning thoughts about life in Floyd

The small hours of the morning are a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to have arrived here in this community. I am on the computer as usual while Gretchen and assorted cats sleep soundly. We are … Continue reading

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Local cooling trend continues – more firewood needed

We seem to be right on target for a colder winter this year. My store of firewood is way above last years level, but I am concerned that our wood may not last until the weather turns warm again in … Continue reading

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New Firewood Project for Fall 2007

I am getting to the age where I avoid unnecessary physical risk and just want to get yard work and home chores done more efficiently. In most cases this means using tools and machinery to give me greater mechanical advantage. … Continue reading

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