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It’s not too late to consult a chimney sweep

We are fortunate to know Rick Eanes, of Eanes Chimney Sweep and he is the reason we sleep easy at night. He came by a few days ago and completely dismantled our Dutchwest Wood Stove to find out why it was not drawing properly when the damper was closed. Continue reading

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The “Fires of Spring”

When the ancient Persian poet* wrote: "Come, fill the Cup, and in the Fire of Spring The Winter Garment of Repentance fling", I don't think he had in mind our Floyd Spring which requires a different kind of fire these … Continue reading

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Early morning thoughts about life in Floyd

The small hours of the morning are a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to have arrived here in this community. I am on the computer as usual while Gretchen and assorted cats sleep soundly. We are … Continue reading

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We Appreciate Simple Pleasures in Hard Times

18 degrees-1 web It's 18 degrees outside and the wind is picking up, so the chill factor is probably 8 degrees. The weather in Floyd today is brisk.

Fortunately, we decided a long time ago that we would install one of those new-fangled wood burning stoves with an outside air feed. Our medium-sized wood stove keeps our 1650 sq ft house comfortably warm with no other heat sources except for tiny bathroom heaters in the remote ends of the house.

Our 3 1/2 acre property supplies enough oak firewood that we do not expect to need any other fuel source  for the next four years. Our winter fuel costs include chainsaw parts, gasoline, and bar oil but not much more.

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